Drunk people are essential to human civilisation, expert claims

Raise a glass to boozing… it’s essential to ­human ­civilisation, it is claimed.

Professor Edward Slingerland says having one too many builds trust between strangers, eases stress and aids problem-solving.

He reckons it helped form ­modern societies, and that it is no accident that we have had a fondness for a tipple since ancient times.

The professor said it ­“explains not only why we want to get drunk, but also how it might actually be good for us to tie one on now and then”.

He added: “Our desire for alcohol is not an evolutionary mistake. There are good reasons for why we get drunk.”

Prof Slingerland outlines his ­theory in a new book, “Drunk: How We Sipped, Danced, And Stumbled Our Way To Civilisation”. It looks at our long ­relationship with booze and ­concludes it is more than just a vice.

It says: “In fact, intoxication helps solve a number of distinctively ­human challenges: enhancing ­creativity, alleviating stress, building trust, and pulling off the miracle of getting fiercely tribal primates to cooperate with strangers.”

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And it adds: “We would not have civilisation without intoxication.”

The US-based professor draws on evidence from the world of ­academia to show booze is a fundamental part of life, and calls on health experts to accept alcohol is a key part of our existence. He offers “a holistic defence of alcohol and intoxication, one that gives ­pleasure for pleasure’s sake its due”.

But Prof Slingerland does warn drinkers to stick to beer and wine, with their lower alcohol levels, rather than distilled spirits. A 21% surge in deaths from liver disease has been linked to people hitting the bottle during the pandemic.

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