Drunk passenger gets lost in airport luggage carousel trying to board his flight

A truly strange video shows a drunk Russian man getting lost in an airport luggage carousel while trying to find his board his flight.

In the clip, filmed at Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow, Russia, the would-be passenger staggers through a flap meant for suitcases and finds his way onto a moving carousel.

He appears to think the moving belt is a travelator when he starts walking down it during the bizarre mishap on July 28.

The unknown man is carrying his hand luggage when he tries to go the wrong way down another carousel, loses his footing, and falls over at an intersection.

He then desperately tries to rectify the mistake and crawl his way back up but only succeeds in losing a shoe.

The man’s bag snags on the handrail and he eventually frees it, resulting in him being swept down one carousel and taken for a ride until its final destination.

He eventually arrived at the baggage scanning point where security guards were on hand to promptly detain him.

The man, whose name was not reported in Russian media, was attempting to get to the runway where his flight was waiting via the luggage carousel, but got lost on the way, going on an exciting journey behind the airport’s curtain, Life reports.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Internal Affairs said: "The duty manager of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation at Sheremetyevo Airport received a message that an unidentified man was on the luggage belt on the third floor of Terminal D, and entered the sorting room via the carousels on 28th July."

The Ministry of Internal Affairs also stated the passenger was a resident of Yalta City who was born in 1994.

He has reportedly been charged with violating airport security rules.

This comes after a red-faced holidaymaker said she "can't stop laughing" after turning up to flight a year early by mistake.

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