Drunk mum who killed her 2 kids in no-seatbelt crash gave horror scream

A drunk mum who caused the death of her two children when she crashed a car on a motorway has been jailed.

Mary McCann's four-year-old daughter Lily and 10-year-old son Smaller died in a collision on the M1 just after 11pm on August 9 last year while driving back from a birthday celebration, Stoke-on-Trent Live reports.

Aylesbury Crown Court heard Lily may have survived the crash if she had been strapped in with her seatbelt. Smaller, who died on his birthday, was also said to be almost 'certain' to have lived if he had a seatbelt on.

Both children were pronounced dead at the scene, according to the Mirror.

Stephen Shay, prosecuting, said: "Shortly before the collision, the lorry was in lane one and the lorry was moving into lane two. The defendant was driving in lane two.

"For no obvious reason, the defendant drifted into lane one. She steered right in an unsuccessful attempt to jump the lorry. The car sustained catastrophic damage to the rear side and rotated anticlockwise.

"Lily was ejected from the right of the car before it moved into the central reservation."

He also revealed that Ms McCann let out a horrifying cry after the accident, quoting her as saying: "God, why didn't I put their seatbelts on?"

Mitigating, Laban Leake said the mum had been left with PTSD and a bereavement reaction condition, and claimed the "true punishment" was in her "grief for her children". 

Lorry diver Simon Denton told the court in a victim impact statement that the incident left him "depressed, anxious and in constant fear" to the point where he "cannot go out" and is looking behind himself when he does.

Sentencing McCann, Judge Francis Sheridan told the mum: "The driving in this case was not far short of dangerous driving. This is a heartbreaking case, to have to sentence a mother for killing two of her own children while drunk and driving as badly as you were.

"It is a disgrace that you drove while drunk with your two children in the back of the car. You will carry the costs of what you did for the rest of your life."

Mary McCann was handed 49-month prison sentence after admitting two counts of causing death by careless driving while under the influence, and banned from the road for seven years and two weeks.

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