Driver ploughs through fence, abandons baby in Christchurch

The driver of a car that crashed through a fence in suburban Christchurch today fled, abandoning a baby in the back seat.

CCTV footage from a nearby property captured the drama at the intersection of Medina Crescent and Mairehau Rd, Parklands, at 10am today.

A witness told the Honda Odyssey with the baby inside appeared to be being chased by another vehicle when the driver lost control and ploughed through the wooden fence.

The driver of the Honda ran from the scene. Two minutes later the CCTV footage shows another male going to the crashed car and taking the baby from the back seat.

Witness Justin Campbell feared for his life as the incident unfolded.

He was about to get into his parked car at the intersection when the Honda sped past and almost hit him just metres away before it crashed into the fence.

“My adrenaline went up, I was shaking,” he said. “When he [the driver] opened the door he said he was being chased.”

Mairehau Rd resident Melton Weeks believed the Honda was travelling about 60 km/h when it crashed.

“I was out at my car when I saw the silver car (Honda) and a blue Subaru behind it, and they were bloody racing out here,” he said.

“Then I heard this almighty speeding car down the road, I knew he wasn’t going to stop because he was going too fast.”


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