Driver freaks out and crashes car in middle of road after spotting spider

A driver freaked out and crashed his car after he spotted a spider inside his vehicle and attempted to remove it while driving.

The man, from the Isle of Wight, was driving in Kite Hill, Wootton, when he saw the eight-legged bug in his gold hatchback.

He freaked out and hastily tried to remove the bug but lost control of car and ploughed into a road sign in the middle of the road.

The man suffered minor injuries and knocked into the post before the car came to a halt.

Isle of Wight Police took to Facebook to warn drivers about insects in cars, and told driver not to get distracted while driving.

In a post on Facebook, the ISWP said: "Our ARV/colleagues have had a busy afternoon.

"They currently are dealing with this vehicle on Kite Hill in Wootton.

"So please bear this in mind when you are passing through this way as the traffic might be slightly slower moving until this vehicle is recovered.

"This driver was trying to remove a spider from his vehicle at the time of this incident.”

Posting a picture of the crash alongside two spider emojis, the force added: “We are glad to say the driver only has minor injuries from this incident.

"But as always please keep your eyes on the road as there are lots of distractions around at this time of year."

Locals in the area found the situation amusing, and commented on the picture, making light of the incident.

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One resident said: "Has anyone asked if the spider was okay?

"Seriously though pleased everyone was okay."

A second quipped: "Nice to see you've shared this on the web."

"Bet the spider freaked when he saw that post coming,” joked a third.

"I'd love to see the insurance claim form,” a fourth added.

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