Dramatic moment woman is dragged from car by police at coronavirus checkpoint

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A terrified woman has been filmed being dragged by armed police from car at a Covid-19 checkpoint.

Natalie Bonett, 29, was later arrested after she allegedly refused to provide her details and driver's licence to the officers at Kalkallo, southeastern Australia's state of Victoria, just before 6pm on Saturday.

Video widely shared on Facebook captures an officer leaning into the car and undoing Ms Bonett's seatbelt.

She asks the officer: "What are you doing? What the f*** are you doing?"

A man sitting in the passenger seat can be heard yelling that Ms Bonett is sick, who is seen wearing a face mask, while trying to pull her back into the car.

The policeman opens the car door, grabs her by the sleeves and pulls her out of the car while she is screaming in fear.

Ms Bonett posted the footage on social media and said: "If you want to see the video…. you will all be disgusted. I am shaking, crying and in complete disbelief that I was treated this way.

"While trying to cuff me, they had their knees in my back and I couldn't breathe."

According to Victoria Police, the woman was stopped because she had violated safety regulations for having a charger mounted on the windscreen.

Victoria Police said in a statement that an officer explained to Natalie that her mobile phone was obstructing her view due to its position on the windscreen and that this was an offence.

"The woman refused to remove her phone from the windscreen," Victoria Police said in the statement.

"When asked for her name and address, the woman refused to supply her details which is an offence under Section 59 of the Road Safety Act. When asked to produce her driver's licence, the woman also refused, which is also an offence under Section 59 of the Road Safety Act."

"The woman was warned that if she did not provide her details, she would be arrested.

"She still refused and was asked by police to get out of her car. When she refused this request, she was taken from the car by officers and taken into custody."

Ms Bonett was later released and is expected to be charged on summons with driving with obscured vision, fail to produce licence, fail to state her name and address, resist arrest, assault police and offensive language, Victoria Police said.

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