Dozens of inmates slaughtered and decapitated in Ecuador prison mafia bloodbath

An Ecuadorian prison has been rocked by yet another clash of gang members as at least 20 inmates have been killed, including some who were reportedly decapitated.

The latest massacre at the Liberty Deprivation Centre, also known as the Turi prison in Cuenca, took place on March 3.

Gunshots were first heard around 1.30am inside the jail which holds around 1,700 inmates, including members of Los Lobos (the Wolves), one of Ecuador’s most powerful gangs, local news reports say.

Authorities say there was “ballistic evidence” in the prison indicating the use of five types of guns, many of which had been hidden in the walls and floor.

In video footage from outside the prison, inmates could be heard yelling for help and begging to be let out.

Authorities have now linked the incident with an internal clash of gang members after the government deployed the National Police and Armed Forces to restore order at around 4am.

Ecuador’s Minister of the Interior, Patricio Carrillo, condemned the attacks as he claims they were "carried out by mafias that do not want to submit to control".

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However, the Air Force deployed planes to send more police officers to support the 800 agents who were in the prison trying to control the situation when the original deployment didn't work.

Police are said to have thrown tear gas bombs as inmates fled to the roof for safety.

Prison massacres have become commonplace in Ecuador, with at least 316 people killed in 2021 in eight separate incidents.

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Last year, at least 35 people have been killed and a further 50 injured after gang warfare sparked a riot in an Ecuadorian prison.

Eight of the inmates killed were beheaded as two gangs inside Litoral Penitentiary, Guayaquil, allegedly have links to Mexican drug cartels and were armed with 'firearms and explosives'.

Police said: "An alert was activated for detonations of firearms and explosions in several pavilions, due to clashes between criminal gangs."

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