Dont work in a prison unless you want to risk your life warns UK jail officer

A former prison officer has warned prospective employees that the jail they worked at was a "very dangerous place to work".

Posting the review of their former employer on Glassdoor, the officer, who is from Feltham, South West England, was particularly damning about the experience they faced.

Underneath the 'pros' section of the review, they said: "Nothing good. The Prison service will use you. Your just a number."

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They also said: "Don't work in a prison unless you want to risk your life and mental health. [It] pays 31-36k but pay should be 70-80k for what you have to do.

Under the 'Advice for Management' section, they said: "Give officers their right and don't bend over backwards for your sticker or tick points."

The dangerous nature of working for the Prison Service was a recurring theme in many of the reviews as well as the lack of management.

One reviewer said that there was: "Poor communication across the Prison Service. No progression. Extremely poor training for all staff from the cleaner to senior management. Happy to overwork staff and let other staff sit around doing nothing all day. Stale and out of touch."

They also had quite a few thoughts when asked what they would tell management to make their experience at work a better one.

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"Better Communication. Hold more Meetings so staff are aware of what is happening in their department. Stop sending emails that are not relevant. Everybody should be treated equally in an ideal world. Let's have the best managers," they said.

This news came after a US prison guard is facing more than 70 criminal charges after she was allegedly having sex with an inmate and went as far as smuggling several banned items into the prison.


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