Donald Trump poses with bride at golf course after losing presidency

Donald Trump has made his first public appearance posing pictures with a bride at a golf course after learning he had lost the presidential election.

The US president was golfing at Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia, as the news was announced that the election was in favour of his rival Joe Biden.

He had just got off his golf cart and was making his way inside the clubhouse when he walked past a wedding party photoshoot.

Footage taken by people at the club shows Trump ginning and giving a thumbs-up as he stands next to the bride for a quick wedding photo op.

He then speaks with the group briefly and says "Have a great life" before walking to the building.

The bride and a group that appeared to be wedding guests show their support for the president and can be heard shouting "We love you", and "Thank you, Mr President".

One woman talks to her friend: "That was so cool… I can't breathe."

Trump did not make any comment, nor was he asked about the election result.

The 45th president has defiantly refused to concede the presidential election, claiming the election is not over and said his campaign would unleash a new round of lawsuits on Monday.

He also continued to claim that there is widespread voter fraud but failed to provide any evidence.

President-elect Joe Biden currently has 290 electoral college votes to the president's 214.

A total of 270 Electoral College votes are needed to win and the states of Georgia, North Carolina and Alaska have yet to announce their final tallies.

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