Donald Trump kept secret nuclear weapon documents at Mar-a-Lago, accor

Trump ‘thinking’ of 2024 says Jared Kushner

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Citing unknown sources, the publication did not identify the foreign government identified in the document. Around 11,000 government documents and photographs were recovered from Donald Trump’s Florida estate last month.

Although the content of these documents has not been revealed, classified documents about nuclear weapons were among those FBI agents were looking for, according to the Washington Post.

Some of the record’s seized from the former US President are closely guarded with “a designated control officer” to monitor their location.

Among the recovered records were documents detailing top-secret US operations that require special clearances “on a need-to-know basis”.

According to reports, the clearance needed to view the documents was beyond a top-secret clearance. 


In fact, it has been reported that some of the Biden administration’s most senior national security officials were not authorised to view some of the documents.

Mr Trump is being investigated by the justice department for the unauthorised removal of highly sensitive government records from the White House.

The former US President has also been accused of improperly storing the documents at Mar-a-Lago.

It is the latest twist in a saga that started when FBI agents conducted an unprecedented search on the New York born billionaire’s Florida home.  


Mr Trump has publicly attacked the FBI and the Department of Justice(DOJ) calling them “vicious monsters” at a weekend rally.

However, others, including Mr Trump’s former attorney general William Barr, have defended the investigation.

They argue that the retention of government records poses a security risk.

A Federal judge has granted Mr Trump’s request for the appointment of a special master to review the documents seized from Mar-a-Lago on August 8. 

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The decision from Trump appointee Judge Aileen Cannon temporarily prevented the justice department from reviewing records for its criminal inquiry until the conclusion of the special master’s review.

The “special master” is an independent lawyer who will decide if any of the records are covered by attorney-client or executive privilege.

It is a move that is seen as a blow to prosecutors and a boost for Mr Trump.

Lawyers for Mr Trump claim that some of the documents are covered by attorney-client privilege.

This is a part of US law that allows people to keep conversations with their lawyers private.

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