Dog that plunged into frozen lake dragged out by firefighters in horror video

Firefighters bravely rescued a pooch from a freezing lake after it broke through the surface of the ice and fell into the waters.

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service officers, from the Nelson and Colne division, came to the rescue when a pup became trapped in Lake Burwain, a small freshwater lake in Colne, Lancashire.

The animal reportedly chased a bird out onto the lake before becoming trapped, prompting the worried owner to dial 999.

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A video of the incident, which was shared by the police force, showed a firefighter saving the puppy, Lancs Live reported.

The clip of the officer dressed in insulated clothing holding the pooch close to his chest, as a rope drags them both back to the surface, has gone viral.

Ice can be seen cracking around the brave fireman, as they swim backstroke, trying to get the dog back to safety.

Following this, rescuers have pleaded with people to never try and risk saving an animal from icy water.

A spokesperson for the force said: "Here's the moment firefighters from Nelson and Colne rescued a dog from a chilly Lake Burwain. The dog got trapped out on the ice after chasing a bird. The owner did the right thing and called 999.

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"Never try to rescue an animal from icy water. You'd be at risk of cold water shock, hypothermia, or even drowning. Consider using a leash in the colder weather, especially near reservoirs and canals."

The rescue has been praised by people on social media.

One person said: "Well done everyone lucky dog."

And another wrote: "Well done for rescuing the dog….please owners keep your dogs on a lead and safe."

While a third added: "Well done lfrs – happy doggo happy owner. All of you bashing the owner though need to get a grip.

"You have no idea how this dog ended up on the ice – could have slipped it’s lead and bolted for all anyone knows or chased the bird in a secure area and got carried away."

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