Dog has Reddit users in emotional meltdown with adorable tail-wagging trick

A sweet dog has tugged at the heartstrings of Reddit users after her owner shared a video of her unique tail-wagging quirk.

Reddit user Lolihumper shared the clip with the caption: “My dog wags when I look at her and stops wagging when I don't. (Don't worry she got lots of pets after this).”

In the video, Lady the German Shepherd sits on the sofa while her owner stands in the foreground with a blank expression.

The dog wags her tail eagerly every time he turns his head towards her, but abruptly stops when he looks away.

She stares at him and waits for him to resume eye-contact, before thumping her tail on the sofa again.

Perfectly camouflaged, a white cat lies on the sofa next to her but, unlike Lady, the feline looks like it couldn't care less about attention.

The heartwarming video has been up-voted more than 45,000 times in just 14 hours, with many viewers saying the pooch truly loved her owner.

A viewer said: "Oh she doesn't just wag her tail, she also gets nervous when you look away from her. The yawning and the lip-licking is anxiety. She loves you."

"That is one of the cutest Shepherds," said a second smitten commentator.

Meanwhile, sounding a little frustrated, someone said: "I actually can't stand how long this video was, my heart just needed to see her get loved!"

In a similar vein, a viewer joked: "How dare you do this for 19 seconds, you heathen!!!!!"

Replying to some of the comments, the dog owner admitted he wished he had included a scene where he hugged his loyal dog.

This comes after a pooch was so excited about the extra attention he was getting during quarantine that he sprained his tail from wagging it too much.

And a third dog was described as "human-like" when a video of her reaction to her owner coming home went viral.

Meanwhile, Man City's Sergio Aguero played football with his dachshund while enjoying each other's company during the coronavirus lockdown.

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