Dog gets ‘stoned’ on medication from vets – and result is absolutely hilarious

A video of a dog looking a little worse for wear after getting "stoned on meds" at the vet has left viewers in stitches after it went viral on Reddit.

The funny clip, originally uploaded on TikTok by @canadiandoglady, was up-voted more than 10,000 times on Reddit with the caption: "This doggo has seen things."

Looking spaced-out, the pooch stares straight ahead then makes a weird noise, a bit like muttering under his breath.

He then makes a quiet hooting sound, before looking from side to side.

Unsurprisingly, people don't know what to make out of the "talking" animal and his hilarious antics gave rise to lots of different theories about his mental state.

"That pup is so high it lost track of what it was talking about," joked someone.

A third fan wrote: "Dog got so high he thought he could speak human."

Mimicking what they thought the dog was thinking, one viewer joked: "Jesus, did I say that out loud, or just think it? Was I talking? Can they hear me?"

Similarly, another user quipped: "Lol after he does the little owl hoot he 100% is like 'who said that?' as it reverberates through his ear canals."

A pet owner with a similar experience wrote: "My dog got high on marijuana, I was walking him and he got into some edibles on the side of the road."

This comes after a golden retriever puppy made best friends with a cow and visits as often as he can – with the bovine caught on video giving the pup an affectionate lick.

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