Do what Hitler did Putin told he doesnt need nuclear weapons to kill himself

Ukraine: Sergiy Kyslytsya on Putin's 'madness' and nuclear threat

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Vladimir Putin put Russia’s strategic nuclear weapons forces on high alert on Sunday, prompting fears over what could happen next in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The Russian president blamed “unfriendly actions in the economic sphere”, which is a reference to economic sanctions, and claimed leading Nato members had made “aggressive statements” towards the nation, prompting him to take the action. Sergiy Kyslytsya hit out at the Russian President for his latest actions.

Mr Kyslytsya said: “What a madness. If he wants to kill himself, he doesn’t need to use nuclear arsenal.

“He has to do what the guy in Berlin did in the bunker in May 1945.”

The ambassador made a direct reference to Hitler who committed suicide by swallowing a cyanide capsule and shooting himself in the head.

Ireland’s deputy premier has branded Vladimir Putin the “Hitler of the 21st century”.

Leo Varadkar said the invasion of Ukraine is an “atrocity” and made it clear Ireland is not politically neutral on the issue.

His comments come as his Government colleague, Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney, met with EU counterparts in Brussels to discuss further sanctions against Russia.

The EU agreed a package of measures on Thursday and there are plans for more economic measures against President Putin and Russia in the coming days.

Mr Coveney said an asset freeze on Mr Putin and Russia’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov is likely.

Russian soldiers appear to be captured by Ukrainian forces

Mr Varadkar said Ireland will support banning Russia from the Swift international payment network.

He said the Government will also discuss cutting the number of Russian diplomats in Ireland from 20 – based at the embassy in Dublin – to around three.

He said expelling ambassador Yuri Filatov has not been ruled out.

Opposition parties in Ireland are demanding Mr Filatov’s expulsion.


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He added: “The last time I can think of that happening in Europe is in the 1930s and I think we should see this conflict in that context.

“We knew that Putin was a bad man, we’ve known that for a long time now, but we didn’t think that he would be the Hitler of the 21st century and I think he’s putting himself into that space.”

He continued: “When it comes to this conflict, Ireland is not neutral. We we support Ukraine in any way we can – short of military action.

“This is the kind of thing that we haven’t seen on this scale in Europe really since the 1930s. And it is shocking, it is immoral and it’s important that the European Union is united and that we stand up to Russia at this time.”

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