Disgusted dog owner trains Collie to bin junk from rubbish-strewn park

A woman who was fed up of seeing rubbish scattered all over her local park has trained her dog to pick it up and put it in the bin.

Alanna Jackson, 37, the owner of a five-year-old Border Collie named Trinny, was shocked by the amount of litter in their local area and decided to clean up the area.

The customer service from Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire, is a devoted environmentalist and has a passion for dog training, which she has put to good use.

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She started training her dog to pick up litter and throw it into the bin when she was just a pup to go on litter-picking sprees.

Trinny has now mastered commands like 'litter' and 'drop' as she is able to pick up items and take them to the nearest bin with her owner keeping a watchful eye to make sure she stays safe.

Alanna said: "She's a great wee thing, I trained her, because if she doesn't have a ball or a toy on a walk she will pick up anything.

"I do keep a close eye on her in case she picks up a broken cup stirrer or a tooth pick. If I tell her to 'drop' she will do instantly.

"There has been a couple of times panicking about something sharp and small. She knows 'pick up', 'hold', 'touch', 'drop'. and to complete the task 'litter, clean'."

The dog owner explained that her local community would clean the park together during lockdown but since life has gone back to normal it been "forgotten about again".

However, having her pet pick up the litter hasn't just been helpful to the community but to Trinny too as her breed of dog needs an active life and constant stimulation.

Alanna added: "She's a special wee sausage. Because she's a collie she doesn't just need training, she needs constant stimulation.

"She is trained to fetch a blanket and can switch a lamp on with a floor switch. She can close a door, she can ask for a treat.

"People see her litter picking out on a walk, and everyone notices it. She's been trained since she was a puppy but the litter picking has been in the past year.

"We have done skills training and obedience. It would hopefully inspire people to train their dogs to do that. Anyone can train their dog, as long as they can reach the bin.

"It takes a bit of work and there are different types of bins, which presents a challenge. I have a very active life, that's why I've got a collie.

"Unfortunately some of our local areas are very heavily littered. When you get a low tide on the Clyde, you see all the polystyrene.

"What better way to inspire kids to get involved in the environment than to see a cute little collie dog putting litter in a bin?"

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