Denver weather: Temps to reach 90s on windy day favoring forest fires

The weather will be warm, dry, and windy across metro Denver on Tuesday with mostly sunny blue skies and rivers still flowing high and fast down from Colorado’s western mountains,  according to the National Weather Service.

Wind blowing at speeds up to 21 miles per hour in Denver will gust at up to 34 mph, weather service forecasters said.

In the mountains, wind was increasing and could gust at speeds up to 60 mph — favoring forest fires in some areas, forecasters said. On the high plains east of Interstate 25 along the Front Range urban corridor, wind gusts were expected to hit 40 mph. Humidity levels hung around 20%.

The high temperature in Denver will be 91 degrees Tuesday, decreasing to 90 on Wednesday, forecasters said. At night, temperatures were expected to stay above 58 degrees. Around Colorado, the temperatures on Tuesday likely will be the warmest of the year.

Later in the week, meteorologists were anticipating a cooler and wetter weather pattern that may bring severe storms and possible flooding along rivers.

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