Denver weather: Smoky skies, diminished threat of flooding Sunday

The Front Range will see hazy skies Sunday as smoke from wildfires settles over the region.

After a wet Saturday that brought a heightened threat of flash flooding, most of the rainy weather moved west, limiting the threat of flash flooding Sunday, said Zach Hiris, meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Boulder.

Flooding Saturday triggered mudslides that closed some highways in the mountains, but did not do any major damage to structures.

“The main concern is going to be smoke today,” Hiris said.  “A lot of people are already seeing the hazy skies outside.”

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment issued an air quality alert for the Denver region and most of the Front Range Sunday, warning that air pollution would be unhealthy for children, older adults and people with respiratory conditions like asthma. People in those groups should limit their outside activity.

The air quality alert will last until 4 p.m. Sunday.

Otherwise, Denver will see highs of about 80 degrees, and should expect to see smoke throughout the day.

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