Denver weather: City could hit 80 degrees for the first time in over six months


After last week’s pair of Denver-area snowstorms, it might’ve felt like summer might never arrive. But next week, Denver could hit 80 degrees for the first time in over six months.

Denver will have a couple of chances to hit 80 degrees next week, which would mark the city’s first 80-degree reading since last October.

“A warming and drying trend will begin on Saturday and continue through much of next week as a ridge of high pressure builds across much of the west,” the National Weather Service office in Boulder wrote in their forecast discussion on Wednesday. “Daytime temperatures will be well above seasonal normals.”

A big ridge of high pressure will keep the long-term pattern relatively mild across the Front Range and throughout the western third of the country. A ridge is the general sinking of air over a wide area, which forces the air to compress and warm.

That weather pattern should keep Denver and the Front Range basking in above-average warmth throughout the majority of next week.

After a cooler Friday and Saturday, sunshine and mild temperatures return under that ridge by Sunday and Monday. Monday could be the first chance at 80-degree warmth, with other chances next Wednesday and Thursday as well. Sunshine will accompany the warm temperatures throughout the majority of next week.

Denver’s first average 80-degree temperature is on April 27, which means an 80-degree reading next week would be almost exactly on climatological schedule. Last year, Denver hit 80 degrees for the first time on April 20.

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