Dad finds missing sons head in fridge ex-footballer had filled with body parts

A former Ghanaian footballer has been arrested after severed human heads – including one belonging to a 13-year-old boy – were found inside a fridge at his home.

Footballer-turned-sporting commentator Richard Gyamfi, 28, was caught after the boy's father forced his way inside the property and made the grim discovery inside a locked room.

Police recovered severed limbs and heads from the fridge in the country's Sunyani Municipality on Sunday 22 August.

The shocking events unraveled when Thomas Agyei confronted Gyamfi of luring his 13-year-old son, Louis Agyemang Junior, into his house from a nearby park, reports news site Kanyi Daily.

In response, Gyamfi told the concerned father that he had never seen his son and had nothing to do with his disappearance.

But when one of the boy's friends assured Agyei that he had seen Gyamfi taking the missing teen into his home, the dad and several locals allegedly took the law into their own hands and "barged into" the former footballer's house.

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At first, the group found nothing out of the ordinary – until they came across a locked door inside the property.

When they demanded that Gyamfi open the door, he refused, claiming he had lost the key.

The group then kicked down the door, where they discovered Louis' dead body on the floor with his head missing.

Police were immediately called to the scene where they discovered two other severed heads and countless human body parts stuffed inside the fridge.

The identities of the other victims have not yet been made public.

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The Director of Public Affairs for the Ghana Police Service, Alexander Kwaku Obeng, told local media: "The remains are being moved to the Ghana Police Service hospital morgue in Accra for forensic analysis to be done to support the investigation."

Because of the shocking nature of the crimes, Obeng said that the families of the victims, members of the local community and the police officers involved in the case have all been offered psychiatric support.

The investigation is ongoing and the suspect is currently being held in detention.

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