Dad accused of killing daughter’s boyfriend in makeshift grave for abusing her

A father has been charged with the second-degree intentional murder of his daughter's boyfriend, after believing that he abused her.

Michael Lee Laflex, 45, of Brainerd, Minnesota, USA, has been accused of "executing" 23-year-old Bryce Brogle and burying him in a makeshift grave by prosecutors.

He had been reported missing two days prior by Laflex’s daughter, as she told police she hadn’t seen her boyfriend since Wednesday (October 26), since he visited a storage unit.

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Laflex, who had rented the unit in Crow Wing Country, had reportedly gone with the 23-year-old.

After obtaining a search warrant, investigators found blood on the floor and recovered a bottle of bleach, according to the court filing.

While Laflex allegedly claimed Brogle had been arrested and had two mobile phones confiscated by officers, prosecutors say the father later switched stories and instead claimed he was the one who took Brogle's phones, before getting rid of them in a rubbish bin.

A “concerned citizen", put forth a statement saying Laflex had a conversation with one of his relatives, admitting he believe his daughter was being abused by Brogle.

The family member said Laflex admitted to shooting Brogle “and Brogle would not be found as [the body had] been buried".

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After his body was discovered, an autopsy revealed that the young man was shot once in the back of the head.

The theory of the police is that they believe Brogle was killed by Laflex in the storage unit, before he moved his body with a sled of some kind, according to what they wrote in charging documents.

During the investigation, the couple’s landlord had contacted the sheriff’s office, saying Laflex asked him if Brogle "had hurt his daughter".

The landlord then told him that he saw his daughter with two black eyes, with Laflex replying that "he was going to kill Brogle" and that he "already had the hole dug", according to investigators.


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