Crowd boos pair who demanded lesbian couple stop kissing in hotel swimming pool

Two lesbians sharing an innocent kiss in a swimming pool were allegedly subjected to abuse from pool-goers, who were then booed out of the venue by other guests.

In a video, filmed at the poolside in Sacramento, California, some women are hastily leaving while a group of men repeatedly yell: "Shame, shame."

According to witnesses, a pair of gay women were kissing in the water at Kimpton Sawyer Hotel when the other women objected and confronted them.

But other pool-goers supported the gay women and chanted until the disruptive guests left, MirrorOnline reports.

News outlet The Black Bay Area posted about the alleged incident on Instagram.

It wrote: "A pack of white straight women in a cabana demanded that a queer black woman… stop kissing her girlfriend in the pool because 'there were children present'."

Domonique Veasley, one of the gay women, told CBS Sacramento that security was called but said she and her girlfriend appreciated the support from other people in the pool.

"My initial reaction for the children was 'oh yeah' and then I was like 'you are asking me to stop being me'," she said.

"It would’ve been a beautiful moment for her to teach about love to her kids, but instead she decided to sexualise two women.

"This is not okay anymore, it’s 2021.

"The support from some gave me faith for the future and it showed me that it’s going to take a long time, it’s a long road, but it’s a spark of faith."

Video of the incident has also been shared on other social media channels.

Nikki Carlson, general manager at The Sawyer, said in a statement that the hotel "does not condone discrimination or verbal assault of any kind".

She added: "An unfortunate disagreement between guests occurred at our pool over the holiday weekend, and the matter has since been resolved."

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