Covid-19 Delta outbreak: New Zealand hits two vaccination milestones as daily numbers rise

Many New Zealanders have already done their part with 75 per cent of eligible Kiwis nationwide now double-vaccinated.

The Ministry of Health revealed on Sunday two “vaccination milestones” were passed.

42,000 vaccinations were administered on Saturday, meaning 75 per cent of eligible Kiwis are now double-vaccinated, while 80 per cent of the Auckland population are now double-vaccinated.

Herald readers can interact with the tracker to see how many first and second doses each district health board region needs to reach the milestone of having 90 per cent of their eligible residents vaccinated.

Recently, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced the country will move away from its alert levels and into a new traffic light system to manage Covid once every health board region has 90 per cent of its eligible population double-dose vaccinated.

Auckland could move into the new traffic light system even faster.

That’s partly because it has higher vaccination rates and a hard border preventing people from freely travelling in and out of the city and spreading Covid – and partly as a reward to Aucklanders enduring a long lockdown, Ardern said.

On Saturday, 31,914 second doses were given out across the country.

Auckland and Waitematā DHB’s have reached the crucial 90 per cent goal for first vaccinations.

Auckland DHB region has only 24,595 second doses till the area reaches the 90 per cent goal for second vaccinations, while Waitematā DHB region has 51,852 second doses to go.

Counties Manukau DHB region is currently just short of reaching the milestone of having 90 per cent of its eligible residents vaccinated, with only 5354 first doses required.

Expert predictions have Auckland’s three DHB areas hitting a 90 per cent second-vaccination rate by the first week of December at the latest – the trigger for the new traffic light system and more freedoms.

Other DHBs to reach the 90 per cent milestone include Canterbury and Capital and Coast DHBs.

More than 9000 vaccine doses were administered in Canterbury yesterday. That included 6600 second doses. 73 per cent of the eligible population are double-dose vaccinated, with 81,252 more second doses needed before 90 per cent of the population is double-vaccinated.

The Southern DHB only needs 795 first doses to be administered before it can hit that target, while only 77 per cent of the population is currently fully vaccinated.

In Waikato 3725 vaccinations were given on Saturday, with the region needing 12,050 more fist doses before reaching 90 per cent.

Currently Tairawhiti has the lowest per centage of first doses with 78 per cent of its eligible residents having received their first dose. There are 32,730 more doses needed before the region hits the 90 per cent mark.

Northland is just above Tairawhiti with 79 per cent of eligible residents having received their first vaccination, while only 64 per cent of the Northland population is fully vaccinated.

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