Covid 19 Delta outbreak: Auckland hairdressers welcome back vaccinated clients after 99 days apart

After 99 days, hair salons across Auckland have reopened, welcoming fully vaccinated clients in need of a haircut.

On Monday, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced Cabinet decided to undertake a trial by allowing hairdressers and barbers in Auckland to open from Thursday to vaccinated customers.

Salons across Auckland have spent the past two days contacting customers and getting ready to reopen their doors.

Since the announcement, Hair Salon owner Ritchyrd Hirst said staff were eager to get back to work.

The Buckland’s Beach salon started the day bright and early, opening its doors at 6am.

As of 4pm, Hirst said 15 clients had walked through the doors for a cut and colour.

The salon is open until 11pm and has another 13 clients scheduled for later tonight.

Since the announcement, Hirst said a few people have called asking if they would allow bookings for unvaccinated clients.

“We have had four new clients ring us out of the blue asking us if we are taking unvaccinated people,” Hirst said.

“They are trying to find salons taking unvaccinated people, obviously we said no but we were surprised.”

Hair salons have been chosen to open early – before other businesses also deemed as being higher risk for the transmission of Covid – so the Government can trial its new vaccine pass app.

The passes will play a pivotal role in New Zealand society.

With the country moving away from lockdowns, each pass will act as proof the person holding it has had both their Pfizer jabs.

In terms of the vaccine Pass, Hirst said staff have had no issues, saying it was “so far so good”.

“All we are trying to do is get our business up and running again but all the clients have been respectful.”

All staff must be vaccinated and only vaccinated customers are allowed; masks and safety precautions also need to be taken.

To ensure the safety of staff and clients, Hirst said clients are being asked to bring their own drinks and reading material.

Due to the rush of clients, Hair Salon has decided to stop taking booking or new clients for the rest of the year.

“We are way too busy till Christmas now, and so we have ended up just taking everyone’s names down and putting a list on,” he said.

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