Couple leave their baby at check in to board flight after not paying for ticket

Israel: Baby left at airport check-in desk

A couple of parents left their three months-old child alone at the check-in counter in a shocking incident at Tel Aviv Airport.

The absurd incident occurred a few months ago, on January 31, at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The couple, holding Belgian passports, were supposed to board a Ryanair flight to Brussels, but, as reported by the airline itself, they did not have a ticket for the baby.

According to the information on the Ryanair website, infants of a few months old can be included in their parents’ tickets, and a pop-up message during the purchase process notifies that a fee of €25 per leg of flight is required for children sitting on their parents’ laps throughout the flight.

Alternatively, a seat can be purchased to accommodate a child’s car seat.

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An airport official, interviewed by CNN, confirmed the incident and told the news site that the Belgian couple arrived at Terminal 1 of Tel Aviv International Airport with the intention of catching the flight to Brussels.

They arrived significantly late, after the check-in counter had already closed. Not only that, but they also did not have a ticket for the baby.

At that point, they left the child in the stroller and hurried towards the security gates of the terminal in an attempt to catch the flight.

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The Ryanair desk operators were shocked as they had never witnessed such a scene, as reported by the on-duty manager, according to Sky Tg24: “We couldn’t believe what we were seeing.”

The shift supervisor of the company managing the services at Ben Gurion Airport brought the couple back to the check-in counter and subsequently called the police. A spokesperson for the Israeli police said to CNN over the phone that the matter seems to have been resolved when the police arrived on the scene and questioned them.

The spokesperson added that “the child was with the parents, and there are no further investigations”.

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