Coronavirus: COVID-19 assessment centre to open in Midland, Ontario

A COVID-19 assessment centre will open in Midland, Ont. on Wednesday by appointment only.

The facility will be located next to the Chigamik Community Health Centre at 845 King Street, Unit 3.

“The objective of the clinic is to assess and, only where appropriate, swab people for COVID-19,” Georgian Bay General Hospital says.

“For safety reasons, ‘walk-in’ appointments are prohibited. Not all individuals who attend the clinic will be swabbed.”

Beginning Tuesday, there are three ways to access an appointment with the coronavirus assessment centre, including by visiting the Georgian Bay hospital’s website or by calling the assessment centre booking desk at 705-529-1025 or Ontario Telehealth.

People who visit the assessment centre will be looked at by a nurse who will make a clinical determination as to whether a test is required.

If a test if required, people will be swabbed and given instructions on how to self-isolate at home.

If people are tested at the Midland assessment centre, Public Health will contact them to inform them of the results. The timeframe of receiving test results will vary depending on the number of tests being performed.

“You will be advised to remain at home in self-isolation pending the results of your test,” Georgian Bay General Hospital adds.

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