Coronavirus: B.C. Olympian says stay home, ‘now is the time to think of the greater good’

A former Olympic athlete’s social media post is getting a lot of attention.

On Saturday, Malinidi Elmore of Kelowna took to Facebook to share a message of national unity during the COVID-19 crisis.

It was a message that came two days before the Canadian Olympic Committee announced it would not send athletes to the Olympics in Japan this summer.

Elmore was considered a shoe-in for the 2020 Olympics, after recently setting a new Canadian women’s marathon record.

At the Houston Marathon in January, Elmore clocked a time if 2:24:50, shaving off two minutes and six seconds off the previous record.

It was a time that made her a front-runner for the Canadian Olympic team — until the novel coronavirus pandemic seemingly crushed her chances of competing in Japan.

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