Coca-Cola Christmas truck catches on fire as fans moan holidays are cancelled

Coca-Cola fans were left disappointed when the iconic red Christmas truck caught on fire while touring on the streets.

The semi-truck with the brand logo and a picture of Father Christmas visible from far away was seen driving in the city of Bucharest in Romania while fire spewed out from its trailer.

Video taken by passer-by Stan Dumitur Arthur shows black smoke billowing from the trailer doors on the side of the truck, spreading quickly to the tarpaulin.

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The driver had to pull an emergency stop in the middle of the road as a number of men tried to put out the fire, but unsuccessful.

Firefighters later arrived at the scene and extinguished the flames immediately.

The incident took place in Berceni, the city's southern district, at night on November 29.

The driver managed to save himself by disengaging the tractor head and no one

Stan shared the video on TikTok, prompting viewers to share their thoughts int he comments.

One said: "The coke has a new flavour now – smokey."

"Cancel Christmas, there is no Coca-Cola left," another wrote and a third penned: "There's nothing wrose than warm Coca-Cola."

And a fourth joked he will now swap his festive drink to Pepsi.

"Can someone make the music – Holidays are cancelled, holidays are cancelled…" a fifth added.

The unfortunate incident came just as Coca-Cola Romania posted an announcement on Instagram to promote their "Christmas caravan tour".

They listed the days and location where the truck will stop by.

A spokesperson for Coca-Cola Romania said: "It was an incident with no casualties and no major damage.

"Quick intervention and we thank the firefighters and law enforcement for their promptness.

"Everything is under control and the caravan will continue as planned. We apologise for the delay."


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