CNN reporter arrested live on air while covering Minneapolis riots

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CNN reporter Omar Jimenez was arrested live on air as he reported from the chaotic Minneapolis riots this morning. The reporter, wearing a face mask, could be seen being cuffed by two armed policemen while a cameraman filming the scene. A colleague commenting from CNN studios can be heard saying: “If you’re just tuning in, you are watching our correspondent, Omar Jimenez, being arrested in Minnesota.

“We’re not sure why our correspondent is being arrested.”

The cameraman appeared not to be involved in the arrest and a member of the crew can be seen heading for one of the policemen to recover Mr Jimenez’s microphone as he is being taken away.

CNN has since confirmed both the producer and the camera operator were also arrested.

Minneapolis Police said the CNN crew had been arrested after they refused to move after being asked to.

In the recording, Mr Jimenez can be heard identifying himself as a CNN journalist and asking why he was being arrested.

The producer and camera operator can also be heard in the background confirming they were broadcasters with CNN and saying they were live on air.

A CNN anchorman commenting on the scenes unveiling on the screen said: “That is an American reporter, Omar Jimenez, being led away by police.

“He clearly identified himself as a reporter. He was respectfully explaining that our CNN team was there and moving away as they would request. And then, for some reason, he was just taken in, to Police custody live on television.”

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