Clear and present danger Trump to succeed in overturning 2024 election if he loses

Trump 'to succeed' in overturning 2024 election says Judge Luttig

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During Thursday’s hearing at the January 6 committee investigating the storming of the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, former federal judge Michael Luttig gave a stark warning to President Joe Biden and America about what is to come in the 2024 presidential election. He warned former President Donald Trump and his allies will use the same blueprint Mr Trump used in 2020 to reverse the result of the election – but this time, they will succeed. 

Speaking to the January 6 Committee, Mr Luttig said: “Donald Trump and his allies are a clear and present danger to American democracy.

“That’s not because of what happened on January 6.

“It’s because to this very day, a former president, his allies, and his supporters pledged that in the presidential election of 2024 if the former president or his anointed successor as the Republican party presidential candidate were to lose that election, they would attempt to overturn that 2024 election in that same way that they attempted to overturn the 2020 election.

“But succeed in 2024 where they failed in 2020. I don’t speak those words lightly. I would’ve never spoken those words never in my life except that that’s what a former president and his allies are telling us.”

Speaking to the January 6 Committee, Mr Luttig said: “Donald Trump and his allies are a clear and present danger to American democracy.

 Mr Luttig said: “As I said in that New York Times op-ed, I was speaking about the electoral act of 1887.

“The former president’s allies are executing that blueprint for 2024 in open and plain view of the American public.

“I repeat, I would’ve never uttered one single one of these words unless the former president and his allies were candidly and proudly speaking those exact words to America.”

The January 6 Committee are holding hearings to collect testimonies on the attack on the US Capitol, inspired by Donald Trump’s false claims of a stolen presidential election in 2020.

Donald Trump’s supporters under his orders invaded the US Capitol in an attempt to reverse the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. At that moment, Congress was certifying Joe Biden’s victory.

So far, the committee has not found enough evidence to recommend that the US Justice Department prosecutes Donald Trump. It has only described Trump’s Big Lie as a “criminal conspiracy” that resulted in the insurrection of the Capitol.

During Thursday’s hearing, the committee described how Trump’s attorney John Eastman came up with a legal theory that former Vice President Mike Pence could stop the certification of the election. Though Mr Trump was repeatedly told his attorney’s plan was illegal, he still tried to execute it. 

Witness testimony reported that Mr Pence and the lawyers advised Trump against the unconstitutional move that directly violates federal law.

If they are able to gather enough evidence on this particular issue, committee members argued this would be evidence of Trump’s corrupt intentions and could pave the way for a potential indictment.

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Mr Luttig, who advised Pence during the transition of power from Donald Trump to Joe Biden, said at the hearing he “would have laid my body across the road” before letting Pence illegally overturn the election.

In his opening remarks, Mr Luttig said he fears America could tilt into a “civil war.”

He said: “Serious thinkers about the American experiment who are not given to apocalyptic prophesying question whether America is on the verge of a literal civil war.

“But is even this figurative civil war to be our generation’s legacy to posterity?”

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