Cleaner blew £31k in one day after charity shop transferred £90k instead of £9

A cleaner has been told she has brought shame on her family after she spent tens of thousands of pounds of a charity’s money.

Comfort Konadu unexpectedly received over £90,000 in her bank account from the Royal Mencap Society when she returned a £9 item she had bought from one of their charity shops.

But the 52-year-old cleaner stayed silent when the huge sum of money appeared in her account in error – and instead started transferring £57,000 of the cash in to other accounts including those of her children.

The Royal Mencap Society’s bank were able to freeze and retrieve some of the money after realising the error – but have lost more than £31,000.

Ms Konadu has now been brought to court and a Proceeds of Crime investigation is to take place to see how much of the cash the charity can retrieve.

The Manchester Evening News shared details of the case – and say a judge told Ms Konadu: "You have brought shame on yourself, and I dare say to your family."

Details from the case explain that the mum-of-six had visited a charity shop in Openshaw on Friday, 11 October last year to get a refund.

The Royal Mencap Society – who raise funds for people with learning disabilities – noticed a total of £90,047.19 had been transferred from their accounts to that of Ms Konadu in error and launched an investigation.

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Two members of staff have since been fired in connection with the incident.

While the charity had been told they would be liable for the loss due to the incident being made in error, prosecutors argued it would have been “obvious” that the money sent to Ms Konadu would have been sent in error and they highlighted that she had not informed the bank or the charity about the transfer of funds.

The courts heard that the amount of money involved amount to 18 months worth of profits for the charity shop.

Ms Konadu later plead guilt to theft and was sentenced to 20 months in prison, suspended for two years.

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Judge Nicholas Dean QC said; "This was in effect an unexpected windfall into your bank account.

"You ought at that stage to have reported it to both your bank and to Mencap. You fell prey to temptation and acted dishonestly.”

He added: “You leave this court with a stain on your character."

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