Chinas ominous nuke warning as UK accused of dangerous Cold War mentality

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    China has warned Britain that it is treading a “dangerous path” after strengthening its alliance deal with Australia and the United States.

    It was announced earlier this week that Australia would would be buying five United States nuclear-powered submarines, which will be partnered by another new US model, as well as a British-designed sub.

    The pact – called AUKUS – was created 18 months ago in an attempt to combat the ever-growing threat from China.

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    And it appears that the potential enemy has noticed, if comments from the Deputy Director of the Foreign Ministry Information Department of China, Wang Wenbin, are anything to go by.

    He said in a statement after the announcement: “The latest joint statement from the US, UK and Australia demonstrates that the three countries, for the sake of their own geopolitical interests, completely disregard the concerns of the international communities and are walking further and further down the path of error and danger.”

    And then during a press conference earlier today, he went one step further and accused the UK of having a “typical cold war mentality”.

    He said: “We’ve repeatedly said that the establishment of the so-called AUKUS security partnership between the US, the UK and Australia to promote cooperation on nuclear submarines and other cutting-edge military technologies is a typical Cold War mentality.

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    “It will only exacerbate arms race, undermine the international nuclear non-proliferation regime and hurt regional peace and stability.

    “Peace-loving countries have expressed grave concern and firm opposition.

    “Nuclear submarine cooperation between the US, the UK and Australia involves the transfer of large amounts of weapons-grade highly enriched uranium from nuclear weapon states to a non-nuclear weapon state, which poses a serious nuclear proliferation risk and violates the purpose and object of the NPT (Non-proliferation treaty).”

    He went on to urge the countries to “heed the call of the international community” and “refrain from doing anything that undermines regional and world peace and stability”.

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