China zoo SHAME: Heartbreaking video shows caged tiger walking in endless tiny circles

The repetitive walking, which has etched a deep track into the ground of its enclosure, is believed to be a psychological response from to not being able to roam freely. The white tiger’s actions have horrified Chinese web users who raised concerns over the health state of the big cat after the video footage went viral. One commenter on social media platform Weibo wrote: “There is no enough room for the tiger.

“It’s ill, mentally ill.”

Another one said: “The tiger looks depressed.”

Zoos in China are not for the faint-hearted.

According to Doctor Sun Quanhui, a senior scientific adviser at World Animal Protection China, a non-profit organisation, the living conditions of creatures inside China’s animal facilities are a cause for concern.

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Speaking to the South China Morning Post, he said while zoos, which are usually run by local governments, tend to be better supervised than private wildlife parks, the animals’ living conditions are still worrisome.

He said: “Let’s just give the example of how beasts of prey are kept.

“In almost every Chinese zoo, we see them in cement cages or behind steel bars, which to some extent is considered maltreatment.

“Some are species that naturally live in groups, but they’re often isolated, which also causes them huge psychological distress.”

He blames China’s lack of laws to adequately address the issue.

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The country has a wildlife protection law that classifies wildlife according to their scarcity, but it there is no legislation to ensure the rights of other animals.

What happens inside China’s zoos is pretty much unsupervised, mainly due to overlaps between different government agencies.

While the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development oversees government-owned zoos, wildlife parks come under the remit of the State Forestry Bureau, while the fishery bureau under the Ministry of Agriculture is responsible for aquariums

A spate of news stories about poor conditions at zoos across the country has ignited a debate over the rights of animals within China.

One shocking video, that surfaced in 2017 showed an incident that has remains emblazoned on the minds of whoever has viewed it.

In the footage, from a Zoo in southern China, a group of men are seen hauling a live donkey from a truck and pushing it off a wooden ramp into a moat around a tiger’s enclosure.

One of the big cats quickly pounced on the stricken beast as another clawed at its back and head.

The horrific ordeal lasted about half an hour before the donkey died.

The zoo has yet to face any penalty for the incident.

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