China violates Taiwanese airspace with 30 warplanes as Putin emboldens Xi

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Taipei’s defence ministry said its air force was scrambled alerted on Monday 30 Chinese aircraft entered its air defence identification zone (ADIZ).

In a post on Twitter, the ministry showed all jets entered Taiwan’s southwest ADIZ before swiftly u-turning.

It added China sent two KJ-500 AEW&C’s, four Y-8 ELINT’s, one Y-8 EW, one Y-8 ASW, six J-16’s, eight J-11’s, four J-10’s, two SU-35’s, and two SU-30’s.

Monday’s incursion marks the second largest in 2022 so far, with more jets than the previous second largest on May 6.

On May 6 Taiwan shared 18 warplanes entered its southwest ADIZ.

The largest this year was on January 23, where 39 warplanes entered Taiwan’s ADIZ.

It comes just one day after China’s previous incursion into Taiwan’s ADIZ, where five People’s Liberation Army (PLA) jets entered the country’s southwest zone.

Seven PLA aircraft were spotted entering the southwest ADIZ on May 28, and four were reported on May 25.

Just one PLA jet, a Y-8 ASW, entered the Southwest ADIZ on May 23 and on May 21.


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