China strengthens military training and is preparing for war says President

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    China's President Xi Jinping has warned the country is going to strengthen its military training and prepare for war.

    The dictator, right, claims it is because of the “increasingly unstable and uncertain” security of the country.

    But experts fear China is preparing to invade its self-governing neighbour Taiwan, which it has repeatedly threatened to annex.

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    Dr Alan Mendoza, of human rights group the Henry Jackson Society, urged Western countries to sanction China to stop it targeting the country, saying: “Liberal democracies must now take him at his word, and work collectively, using all means necessary to deter Xi from invading Taiwan.”

    There have been concerns in recent months that Beijing is on the brink of storming its neighbour after its military jets took part in several drills in Taiwanese airspace.

    Much of the world's attention this year has been plastered on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine which is still ongoing after eight months of action.

    The fallout from that war coupled with intervention from the West which has been hastily denounced by Putin has raised fears of the possibility of World War Three.

    However, according to Admiral Mike Gilday, chief of US naval operations, he believes the possibility of a world war will be triggered from China's alleged plans to invade its self-governing neighbours Taiwan.

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    “When we talk about the 2027 window, in my mind that has to be a 2022 window or potentially a 2023 window,” Gilday told The Times.

    “I can’t rule that out. I don’t mean at all to be alarmist by saying that, it’s just that we can’t wish that away.”

    Actions such as China's People’s Liberation Army's naval forces edging closer than ever to Taiwan's mainland as well as firing missiles over the island suggest a possible invasion is on the cards.


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