China in sinister warning to UK as it accuses Britain of ‘dangerous’ moves against Beijing

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Liu Xiaoming voiced his outrage and said it was a sign the UK was about to “gang up with the United States on the Chinese”. The ambassador to the UK said the planned deployment highlighted the deteriorating relationship between China and Britain. He warned the UK this was the wrong move considering the need for international trade deals after Brexit.

Speaking to The Times he said: “After Brexit I think the UK still wants to play an important role in the world.

“That is not the way to play an important role.”

He referred to the past relationship issues between Britain and China.

The ambassador spoke of the “ups and downs” between the two nations.

Two incidents he noted were Britain had displeased China.

One was accepting the Dalai Lama’s visit in 2015.

The other was the standoff between British and Chinese ships in the South China Sea in 2015.

This was when HMS Albion sailed close to the disputed Paracel islands that are being fortified by Beijing.

The movement of HMS Queen Elizabeth to the South China Sea comes as the UK has decided to pull out of using Huawei in the 5G infrastructure.

Mr Liu then described the move as an example of the UK becoming a junior partner of the US.

He suggested the UK was capitulating into becoming a subordinate of the US.

He said: “I remember when Americans tried very hard to crack down or suppress Huawei and the British leaders to me were open.


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“National leaders should have a vision about what is in the best interests of the country.

“They should not succumb to political pressure.

“China-UK relations are too important to be kidnapped by those anti-China forces.”

Now Hong Kong pro-democracy movement leaders Nathan Law and Simon Cheng, have sought sanctuary in Britain.

Mr Liu has described them as separatists.

He has warned the UK that it would be “very dangerous” to allow the pro-democracy movement to establish a Hong Kong parliament in exile in the UK

Mr Liu said: “That will be a serious problem.”

But, when asked what the consequences would be if the UK allowed this, the ambassador was cryptic.

He said: “We’ll wait and see.”

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