China exposed: UK warned of potentially devastating consequences for attacking superpower

George Galloway accused the US and UK of encouraging a “scare campaign” against China to “divert attention from their own failures”. The superpower has drawn much criticism for their lack of transparency throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Mr Galloway warned if provoked, China could unleash potentially economically harmful policies on the West.

He told RT viewers: “China, New Zealand, South Korea and even Ireland have handled this virus almost infinitely better than the United States and Great Britain have handled it.

“Therefore I conclude that the British and American governments, in order to try and divert attention from their own failures and criminal negligence, are seeking to get up and running a scare campaign, a hate campaign, against China.

“I hope that China draws the lesson from this. As a matter of fact, be careful what you wish for because if the Chinese withdrew their investments from the United States and Britain, if the Chinese sold the Treasury bonds that they hold for the United States, if the Chinese dumped the dollar, well it would all go under pretty damn quick.

“So be careful what you wish for, that’s all I’m saying.”

Mr Galloway continued: “This week the British Government announced a deep dive inquiry into Britain’s relations with China

“It will never, they said, be business as usual again.

“Well I personally hope the Chinese hear that loud and clear.

“I hope they concluded that these people are not your friends, these people are not even reliable business partners.”

The former Labour MP turned commentator added: “And according to the press this weekend, the former decision to continue with Huawei in the 5G rollout is going to be visited again and terminated.

“Look I hold no candle for China, I fly no flags for them, I haven’t been in China for decades.

“I’m not here speaking for China but it seems to me obvious that one of the countries that has handled this outbreak of a naturally occurring virus best is China.”

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Mr Galloway also assured Brexiteers that a trade deal would be reached with the European Union by this year’s deadline.

As the coronavirus crisis continues to occupy countries around the world, suggestions of extending the negotiation transition period have arisen.

The RT host told a caller: “Well, we’ve already Brexit-ed.

“We’ll be leaving, I think, at the end of the year either with a deal with the European Union, of which even more desperately needs a deal than we do given the current state of things both here and there.

“We must leave, we voted to leave, Parliament has passed a deal that we leave and so we must.”

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