China-based woman tracks down lost boyfriend in Norwich with wife and kids

A woman who turned to social media in search of her missing boyfriend is said to have found him – in Norwich with his wife and three children.

American-born Rachel Waters’ boyfriend allegedly disappeared after he left China to visit Norwich in the UK in April.

When he didn't come back, Rachel turned to a Norfolk Facebook page for answers as he should have been back by then. She said she was now getting “worried”.

But after a little digging, Ms Waters found out that he was actually married with kids.

According to TheSun, Rachel’s Facebook post read: “I have an unusual ask. My boyfriend and I live in Shenzhen, China.

“He went home (Norwich) at the beginning of April to visit and was supposed to be back in China by now.

“However, I have not heard from him recently and am worried something might have happened. If anyone knows of anything, please reach out to me.”

According to a friend, while there was no overlap between the two relationships, the man had got back with his ex and was “giving it a go”.

A friend of the man’s partner is said to have commented on Rachel’s post saying: “Not really funny is it.

“He has a Mrs and children and I really feel for her right now!

“And another girlfriend in China it seems.”

Rachel, a professional volleyball player, had been working in Shenzhen as a brand manager when she met the man.

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Friends of the man have now claimed that he got trapped in China during the pandemic, where he started a relationship with Rachel.

A friend of the man told the Sun he and, “his partner didn’t see each other for two years.

“He recently returned, and they sort of got back together. They have been separated and got children. They’ve thought, ‘Let’s give it another go’.”

Educated in the UK but originally from South Carolina, Rachel shared an image of her and her boyfriend on the Facebook group around six weeks after he returned to the UK.

Rachel’s post has now been taken down and she hasn’t commented on approaches from the media, although the mother of the man is understood to be aware of the post. She has declined to comment further.

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