Cheeky dog locked up in playpen hops across room in protest for not getting food

A mischievous dog locked up in a playpen for stealing her brother's food has come up with a plan to protest her punishment.

Owner Chris, from Vail in Colorado, US, recently adopted a goldendoodle and brought her home as his pet poodle Koa's little sister.

But the curious mix-breed pooch, named Indigo, had to be locked up after being spotted eating Koa's food.

Video taken by Chris shows Indigo desperately hopping her way to Koa, who is enjoying his meal.

The energetic dog keeps jumping in the playpen and sticking her head up above to watch over her brother.

She bounces so high that the green and yellow Frisbee disk falls off from the top of the playpen.

Inidigo manages to move a few inches in the living room before barking at Koa, as if to ask him stop eating.

Koa, on the other hand, ignores his sister and carries on munching his food at the corner.

The clip has been viewed nearly 15,000 times since Chris shared it on Instagram earlier this month.

Viewers were left in stitches and called the dog "broken".

One said: "This is the best thing I've seen on the internet today."

"The dog is broken," a second added. "Yeah, can see it in her eyes bro."

A third asked if Indigo ever made her way to where she wanted to go and Chris replied: "Always … just not down the steps."

Meanwhile, a Jack Russell puppy looked up to her owner "begging for help" after dropping her favourite toy to the floor.

Becky described her pooch's reaction as if she "died inside".

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