Charter plane arrives in Kabul as Pen Farthing prepares to bring 200 rescue animals home

Pen Farthing: Peter Egan provides update on evacuation

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Mr Farthing, who founded animal charity Nowzad in Afghanistan, has been campaigning to get his staff, dogs and cats out of the country.

Sky News reported that a charter plane had arrived in Kabul to collect the ex-Royal Marine commando and his rescue animals.

On Friday, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced Mr Farthing and his animals were through airport security.

In a tweet, the MoD said: “Pen Farthing and his pets were assisted through the system at Kabul airport by the UK Armed Forces.

“They are currently being supported while he awaits transportation.

“On the direction of the Defence Secretary, clearance for their charter flight has been sponsored by the UK Government.”


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