Charles Bronson dreams of chippy teas, fry-ups and walking on grass in freedom

Charles Bronson says that he’s a “man of peace” and says all he wants to do is walk in the fresh air and eat fish and chips.

Bronson, one of the UK’s longest serving and most notorious prisoners, admits that he deserved“a good 35 years” of his 48 years behind bars because he had been “naughty”.

But now, he insists, he’s a reformed character. At a parole hearing he declared: “I am anti-crime, I am anti-violent, I just want to go out and do my art”.

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He told the parole board: “All I can say is, compared to what I was, I’m an angel now".

“I want release, but if you’re not going to release me, put me in an open prison," he begged. “I have not walked on grass for over 30 years and I dream of walking on grass.”

The 70-year-old said he has changed his ways and there would be no more “rumbles” behind bars.

He said: “I was born to have a rumble, but I'm 70 now.

“It can become a bit embarrassing for my age to act like that. You have to grow up sooner or later. There will be no more rumbles”

Charles told the panel that if he is released he’d like to spend his time going to art shows and greasy spoons".

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He said: “I’d like to go to some art shows, I’d like to go to a greasy spoon and have a nice fry up, double bubble.

“When I get released I’m still not really going to be free, I’m gonna have a tag on my ankle, I’m going to be very controlled.

“At nighttime in the hostel I will get my big canvas out and get creative. By the time I leave I’ll have 30 of 40 art pieces and I’ll put a show on. “

When asked about his “celebrity status” by the parole board, Bronson said he didn’t enjoy it any more but had used the media to expose what he considered to be “wrongdoing” against him.

He said: “You take my fish and chips off that menu, I will expose it.”

Bronson also revealed there were talks for another movie about his life – although he refused to say who would play him in the film.

He also said he wanted to release a book as well as carry out TV interviews.

Bronson added: “No one’s going to stop me from saying what I want to say.

“I’m not proud of my life, but I’m certainly not ashamed of it.“

Bronson also said he regretted taking art teacher Phil Danielson hostage, but was less remorseful about causing a prison governor post-traumatic stress disorder.

He said: “That was 30 years ago and I’ve moved on from that long ago.

“Governor (Adrian) Wallace was an a**e, is an a**e and will die an a**e.”

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