Charles Bronson dances naked and is shot by riot gear guards in unearthed clip

A video of Charles Bronson dancing naked in a prison hallway has left audiences speechless.

The clip, which was featured in Channel 4's new documentary Bronson: Fit to be Freed?, showed the UK's "most violent criminal" dancing in the buff and jumping up and down in the hallways of a prison where he was being held for his violent crimes.

The CCTV footage then showed a crowd of armed prison guards approaching the prison lag while dramatic choral music played in the background.

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"In 2007 shocking footage was posted online claiming to show how Bronson behaved in the solitary units," the documentary said.

Viewers watching the documentary took to Twitter to comment on the bizarre clip.

"Typical screws the pathetic cowards needed 15 men in full riot gear for 1 naked man," one wrote.

Meanwhile another chimed in: "All those officers against one person who's stark naked. The system used and abused Charlie because they could. Enough is enough now surely?"

And it's not Bronson's only offence of this nature – in a similar incident, the prisoner covered his naked body in margarine to avoid capture by guards.

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The oily condiment made him slippery and stopped prison workers. from being able to pin down.

An insider at the Yorkshire jail said at the time: "The staff trying to restrain Charlie could not take him down. He was naked and covered in butter."

The new documentary has come in the lead-up to Bronson's public parole hearing, set to take place on March 6 and March 8 of this year.

This will be the eighth time over the course of his life sentence that the violent criminal has made a bid for freedom, but so far he has been unsuccessful.

"I had a horrible, nasty, vicious, violent past," he confessed in conversations secretly recorded by his long-lost son, George Bamby, for the Channel 4 series.

"I'm focused, I'm settled, I can actually smell and taste freedom like I've never, ever done in my life.

"I'm now anti-crime, anti-violent. What the f*** am I still in prison for?"

Bronson has 17 convictions to his name and has been in and out of prison since 1974.

His more violent crimes include holding 11 people hostage, most famously a prison art teacher Phil Danielson, who was held at spear point for 43 hours back in 1999.

Danielson, who suffered breakdowns and was diagnosed with PTSD and acute anxiety disorder after the harrowing event, said: "The damage that was caused by him has moulded my whole life since 1999 – 23 years nearly."

"I went over the top, as I normally do," Bronson said of the incident.

"I never hurt the man. Mentally, obviously I did. He didn't deserve what he got, but did I deserve a life sentence just for wrapping him up?

"When you're locked up in a concrete coffin, 23 hours of a 24 hour day, sometimes in life you've got to do something mad.

"The madder it is, the more dangerous it is, the better it f*****g is. I've gotta be honest with you, I've had a f*****g party, you know."

The second part will air tomorrow at 9pm. Both episodes are now available on All4.

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