CCTV shows suspected killer of billionaire couple found dead in mansion

CCTV made public for the first time shows a suspicious figure believed to be behind the murders of a billionaire couple.

Barry Sherman and his wife Honey, from Toronto, Canada, were found hanging by belts from a railing at their mansion in late 2017.

While initially believed to be a murder-suicide, it later became apparent they'd both been strangled and now the case is being treated as a "targeted" double murder.

Canadian police said on Tuesday (December 14) that for the first time they were seeking to identify a suspect in relation to the crime.

In the surveillance video, a person walks through the snow near the Shermans’ house at around the same time as the murders.

The figure wears a heavily padded black coat and walks with an unusual gait and swings their arms.

Police said the amount of time the individual could not be spotted on video footage from other cameras in the area was very suspicious.

"This individual is a suspect," Sgt Brandon Price, the lead detective in the investigation, told a briefing.

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He explained: "We have this individual coming into a very defined area… and remaining in that area for a period and then leaving.

Police were "unable to find a purpose" for that person to be there, he said, adding the suspect's actions were "very suspicious".

Unfortunately, the footage did not help determine the person's age, weight, skin colour, or gender.

Last year, police said they had identified a person of interest in the case but gave no details.

Barry Sherman founded Apotex in 1974 and turned it into a major generic drugmaker before stepping down as chief executive in 2012.

The Sherman family has criticized police handling of the case and hired their own private investigator who completed the work in 2019 but gave no details to the public.

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