Cat owner gets in trouble with police over pet’s ‘disrespectful’ name ‘Bacon’

A cat owner landed themselves in hot water with police after they tried to call their cat to get it out of the road.

The person, who shared their account of the incident on Reddit, claims an officer had a chat with them about "being disrespectful" after they momentarily stopped gardening – to shout "Bacon".

The Reddit user said their lodger even elbowed them mid-yell – but that took "a full 10 seconds for the penny to drop".

Aghast at the mix-up, the pet owner turned out to have a very innocent explanation and said they never considered that, in 2021, people would "still shout pig-related nicknames at the police".

In the post on Reddit, the person wrote: "The police overheard me yelling Bacon! Bacon! The officer had a 'chat' with me being disrespectful.

"I never considered that in 2021 people would still shout pig-related nicknames at the police.

"Happy Easter – My cat is called Bacon."

It turns out the Reddit user is a fan of naming animals after food, having named their youngest cat Eggy and revealing their older cat was called Sandwich.

Fellow Redditors were left in stitches at the turn of events, with one user writing: "I once exclaimed “Miss Piggy” as I spotted a key ring on a friend's backpack.

"Not realising two female police officers standing just in front. If looks could kill.

"I tried to explain but it was too late."

Another wrote: "My parents had a black lab called spliff who was an absolute terror. Early twenties they thought it was hilarious when they got him.

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"Later on in life being thirty with two kids, chasing a dog around a park yelling spliff at the top of your lungs doesn't have quite the same effect."

Another joked: "I have similar problems with my cat called For F***’s Sake, Chris, It’s My Parking Spot Not Yours."

"I have similar problems with my cat called Don't tell the police about the weed we're growing in the attic or the dead body in the freezer," a third said, tongue-in-cheek.

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