Captured Russian soldier breaks down in tears after being humiliated by Ukrainians

Ukraine: Captured Russian soldier appears to be crying

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During the video, posted on Twitter by user @LievanTem, the soldier is seen sitting on some steps sobbing with his face in his palms. At the same time, a few people standing in front of him are heard swearing at him in Ukrainian. Pictures and videos showing Russian soldiers captured by Ukraine have been posted on social media during the past few days of horror in the Eastern European country.

Illia Ponomarenko, a defence reporter with The Kyiv Independent uploaded photos of two men on his Twitter account yesterday.

He said that the two men were Russian soldiers captured by the Ukrainian authorities after they themselves walked into a police station in Kharkiv.

The reporter wrote: “These two Russian idiots in Shevchenkove, Kharkiv oblast, had their vehicle sputtered out.

“Guess what they did? They came to a local Ukrainian police station. And asked if they could have some fuel.”

In another post by the reporter, four soldiers appear captured with their faces on the ground.

The description reads: “Russians taken prisoner today in Chernigiv region.”

“It’s been 100 hours of Russia’s all-out invasion, and I have lost count of POWs taken by Ukrainian troops.

“In fact, we have an average of two or three Russians surrendering every hour.”

Another video posted on Twitter by user @LievanTem shows, according to the description, a Russian soldier captured in Kharkov.

The soldier appears answering questions asked by the person shooting the video, including his full name.

The user has also posted a video showing nine soldiers walking, in a scene that looks like surrender.

According to the description, these are Russian soldiers in the area Podlipnoe, Sumy in Ukraine, who are leaving their equipment and walking towards the border.

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People watching them can be heard praising them and shouting “Glory to Ukraine!”

The Ukrainian armed forces have posted a series of photos and videos showing captured Russian soldiers.

They stated that military equipment and prisoners are seized.

On Saturday, the Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine, Hanna Maliar, released a statement claiming that Russian forces have had “heavy losses”, and that they are “exhausted”.

The statement continued: “(The Russian army’s) ability to replenish fuel, ammunition, and food is compromised.

“It is essential to prevent the replenishment.

“The enemy is expected to exploit opportunities to replenish their supplies at the expense of civilians, commercial establishments, small and medium-sized businesses, mainly through looting, plundering, and other criminal means.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine appeal to citizens to unite and resist as much as possible in their territorial communities.”

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