Can you find the camouflaged sniper hidden in this dense forest

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Hidden somewhere in this photo is a special forces sniper.

The soldier – a member of the elite Special Reconnaissance Regiment – has managed to merge with his surroundings as he monitors the movements of a potential enemy.

He is demonstrating how easy it is to disappear when the camouflage uniform matches the surrounding terrain.

But can you spot him?

The SRR are the British Army’s specialist covert observation unit.

The troops are currently deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria and work closely with the SAS and SBS.

Members of the unit also adopt disguises such as traditional Arab and Afghan dress and have been known to wear full-length burqas.

A military source said: “SRR operators have to be able to carry out missions in every environment – desert, rural, mountains, Arctic and even urban environments.

"That often means hiding in plain sight.

“In this picture, an operator is using his uniform to effectively disappear. With a little bit more camouflage he would be impossible to spot.”

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