Burger King customers jump counter to pummel worker after order takes too long

Burger King customers beat up a staff member for taking too long with their order.

A pair of impatient thugs were caught on CCTV rushing to attack a fast food worker inside a restaurant in Brooklyn, New York City.

Police say that one of the suspects flashed a knife in pursuit of getting their Burger King meal sooner.

One hooded man can be seen in the security footage leaping over the counter before grappling with a worker at the bottom of the screen.

A second thug approaches the counter and wildly swings out at the Burger King cashier who is being held still by his fellow diner.

The suspects are understood to have moaned about their food order taking too long on visiting the Linden Boulevard outlet in Brownsville on December 4.

Video of the violent incident shows one man, wearing a black hoodie and his face obscured by a face mask, vault the counter and grapple the worker against it at about 6:15pm.

The second suspect, also wearing a hoodie and face mask, is seen in the footage punching the worker in the head across the counter.

A couple of colleagues bravely rushed to the victim's aid by dragging him away from the onslaught while customers were seen fleeing the restaurant for their own safety.

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Leaving his beaten victim be, the first attacker climbed back over the counter to casually exit Burger King alongside his violent accomplice, MailOnline reports.

Despite the pair allegedly raging about their waiting time for food, the security camera filmed them leaving the restaurant empty-handed.

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According to the New York Police Department who released the footage, at least one of the suspects flashed a knife during the incident.

After a month investigating the assault, the NYPD said on Tuesday morning that the suspects were still being sought.

According to police, the Burger King worker brutally attacked in the ordeal was treated on the scene by paramedics.

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