Brits lured abroad by sun, sex and tripled salaries as new life not tough sell

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    Australia's population is soaring thanks to Brits lured Down Under by the prospect of sun, sex… and triple their UK salaries.

    In the first three months of this financial year there was a net inflow of 106,000 migrants – the largest quarterly rise since Australia started collecting data in 1925.

    One of the biggest sources of willing workers was the UK after cheeky Aussie bodysnatchers jetted in to pinch cops, doctors, nurses, teachers and builders.

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    Politician Paul Papalia said he had been blitzed with 60,000 applications for 31,000 jobs after a whirlwind recruitment swoop to combat an employment shortage in Western Australia.

    More than 800 serving UK police officers have applied for jobs, legions of nurses want transfers and an electrician drove for fours hours to submit his CV.

    Paul said plugging a new life in 30C Oz had not been a hard sell'.

    "I thought the weather would probably be a big seller.

    "What I didn't realise was just how many other problems you have over here.

    "I wasn't aware of the depression hanging over the country.

    "The wages here are far lower. The living conditions are worse. Our houses are two-and-a-half times the size yet energy bills are twice the size here.

    "Then there are sunshine, the beaches and the sea.

    "And for those who are single, it makes complete sense.

    "Western Australia is known as the Love Island. There is no shortage of ladies. You won't be single for long.''

    The police and defence industry minister led a delegation of recruiters targeting London, Bristol, Edinburgh and Dublin in Ireland who set out to convince folk to move south.

    Western Australia's soaring economy has left it with thousands of unfilled job vacancies for nurses, doctors, teachers, police officers, mechanics, builders, plumbers, dentists, hospitality workers and miners.

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    The state pays up to three times the salaries workers earn in the UK.

    Meanwhile the average household energy bill is £1,376 compared to the UK cap of £2,600.

    That would free up cash for an extra 110 Sunday dinners or 183 pints of lager.

    Paul said he knew Britain had a worker shortage too but had no regrets at stealing staff – and was surprised no-one from the UK Government had tried to stop him.

    They don't seem to be bothered by what we're doing,'' he said.I can say the one sector we don't need is politicians. We've already got plenty of those.''

    Nurse Laurel Dyer, 28, quit the Isle of Mull off Scotland's west coast, for Australia last year and has worked in Western Australia and New South Wales.

    The move gave her chance to fulfil her love of the outdoors with an income three times the average Scottish nursing salary of £38,000.

    Some of her colleagues have followed.

    They came at a very similar time to me and are loving it out in Australia,'' she said.I think the friends that are still at home are more settled in their life but they are very envious of the job, the money, the lifestyle of Australia. “I think if it wasn't for those roots there they would probably be out in a heartbeat.''

    Oz is set to experience the biggest two-year population rise in its history with 650,000 migrants expected over this and the next financial year.


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