British sniffer dogs find survivors trapped in Turkey rubble

Turkey: Multiple buildings damaged after earthquake in Hatay

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British sniffer dogs are among rescue workers still working in Turkey this week, with four specially trained canines combing through the rubble of razed buildings. The team includes black labrador Sid, Colin the collie, Vesper, a black Belgian malinois and springer spaniel Davey. Together, they make up a vital presence within the UK Government-backed International Search and Rescue (ISAR) team and hail from different specialist fire services in the UK. The dogs have spent the last week with their handlers in Hatay province, one of the worst-hit in Turkey, where their heightened senses have helped locate men, women and children still trapped beneath debris. Videos show the dogs threading between pieces of concrete and metal to find people pinned underneath, where they also risk injury. While they are well-equipped with special harnesses, boots and hats, Colin was left with a “really nasty cut” during one rescue attempt. He was nicked “down to the tendon” on a rear paw last week, and after attention from a vet and a brief rest, he was back in top form on Saturday, February 11.


Earthquake death toll climbs to 34,000

The earthquakes that rocked Turkey and Syria on February 6 have now killed more than 34,000 people.

The latest figures from Turkey state that 29,605 people have died over the last week.

And in Syria, 4,500 have died, bringing the total between the neighbouring nations up to 34,105.

Authorities expect the total will only rise in the days to come, with the latest figure having already exceeded the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) suspected total deaths of 20,000.

But rescuers continue to find people buried under buildings more than a week after they were trapped.

CNN Turk reported this morning that rescuers pulled a woman alive from a buildings this morning.

Another team was burrowing to reach a woman they believed was a trapped grandmother, a mother and a baby.

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