Britain’s ‘most dangerous street’ where Class A crack sold for £1million a week

Locals living on a street formerly dubbed Britain's “most dangerous” claim that the area has had such a dramatic turnaround that it is now “perfect”.

The Brixton road of Coldharbour Lane was the centre of the Brixton riots in 1981.

It developed a horrific reputation of being one of the most violent areas in the country, and was also plagued by drug use.

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And it was found, in 2003, that around £1million's worth of Class A drug crack was being sold there every single month.

It was, at one point, the childhood street of former Prime Minister John Major.

However, the road is now a far cry from its horrific past, with a huge four-bedroom home recently being sold for around £1m.

Speaking to the Sun Online, resident Henry Wood, 28, said: “It's not even an up-and-coming area, it's already very gentrified.

“It's a weird mix of young people, families and old people who have been here forever.

“I've only lived here for two years so I don't remember what the area was like before, but it's now pretty nice.”

Weirdly, the road has another claim to fame besides its past reputation.

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In 1748, a previously undiscovered butterfly was found there and named the Camberwell Beauty.

According to several sources, it was thought that the creatures had come as stowaways from ships.

But getting back to modern times, 30-year-old resident Alex Fraser said: “It varies lots as you go up and down the road. Up towards Camberwell it's all gentrified with cafes and flats but down towards Loughborough Junction there are lots of vacant lots.

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"It's a good place to move in with a family, it's as well connected as anywhere in South London and not too raucous.

"Sometimes you get police cars racing along the street at night with their sirens blaring, but it's only every so and often that you get crime-scene tape here – it's nothing like the old days."

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