Britain to face freezing -9C conditions as weather maps suggest 2 weeks of snow

A spot of freezing weather is threatening to make its home in Britain which could bring about temperatures of -9C.

The latest weather maps from WXcharts suggest not only a deep freeze but a possible two weeks of snow.

That deep freeze means that the possible sub-zero temperatures will spread across Scotland and down to freezing in the northern regions of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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While much of the country could struggle to get above 0C in the next week, much worse could be on its way with the latest weather maps showing temperatures could plummet to as low as -8C in a large region of Scotland on January 14.

The latest weather maps also show significant regions in Scotland being buried in 10cm of snow with 13cm of snow being forecasted in eastern and central regions.

The potential snow is to be coupled with torrential rain from the Atlantic to combine for treacherous conditions in Scotland later on in the week.

AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist and Lead European Forecaster Tyler Roys told "Over the next couple of weeks much of Scotland are likely to see near to below normal temperatures. Temperatures could be as much as 2-4C below normal.

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"Across the rest of the UK, temperatures are likely to be near to above normal and could be as high as 4-5C above normal middle of this week.

"Next week, temperatures will likely be around normal. Overnight temperatures could get as low as -6 or -7C in the higher elevations of Scotland during this period."


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